Price Increase 2024

Hiya everyone, 

With the new year comes a sad necessity.  

At Hang On, we have strived to keep our prices as low as possible and as a result, we have held onto the cost of our day passes and memberships since the start of 2022!

Unfortunately, with the cost of living increasing the price of… everything, we must put up our prices as well.  As of the 1st of February, our new prices will be:

  • £11/£9*                              Day Passes
  • £48/£38*                         Monthly Memberships (PAYG)
  • £130/£110*                       3-Month Memberships (PAYG)
  • £45/£36*                         Monthly Direct Debit Membership


If you are currently subscribed to a direct debit plan, this will affect your current rate.

On the positive side of things, we are introducing a new membership deal!  The Family Membership!  One adult and one under 18 for £70

We’ve also launched our January Direct-Debit Discount!  For this month only, you can sign up to a greatly reduced 3 month direct debit.  3 months for only £105!  That’s £35/month! 

Here’s hoping 2024 is a great year full of friends, good time, and great sends!