Fun Easter Youth Competition!

April 13th, Friend! 

The competition will start at 1pm (13.00) and finish at 3pm (15.00).  It’s only 2 hours to complete 15 climbs, so make sure you arrive early to warm up!

Anyone from 6 years old to 15 years old!

There’ll be 3 age categories:

6 <-> 8    &    9 <-> 11   &   12  <->  15

Well, there’ll be some hard climbs, for sure…

But this is a FUN comp!

So, there’ll be loads for everyone!!

Everyone that competes will get a little something from our team as a thanks for playing!

And the top 3 in each category get a little something extra


Us too!!!!

Only the usual cost of a day pass! Plus shoes if needed

I’ve become predictable…

Yes, Please😁