One to One Coaching

If you are looking for a tailored and personalised session(s), maybe 1 to 1 coaching is right for you. If you are keen, we will organise a 30 min catch up with you in the centre (free of charge) to discuss your goals, current climbing level and to help identify which coach will best suit your needs. Once you have selected a coach to work with we will organise an initial 1 hour session/assessment where your coach will help you to identify areas of strength and weakness. You should leave this first session with some hot tips and areas to work on, you will then have the chance to book further/regular sessions if you wish.

If you are interested in 1 to 1 coaching get in touch with Ally, our Head Coach:

Email –

Meet our Coaching Team

Our in-house coaching team have a diverse range of experience and knowledge, we believe it is important to match the right coach with the right climber. Please check out our coach profiles below.

Allan looking at ice-axe

Allan Groves

Allan is a Mountain Training Qualified UK indoor and outdoor rock climbing instructor with plenty of experience climbing abroad as well. Allan is currently working towards his Mountain Leader award with the ultimate aim to gain his Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Certificate. In recent years Allan has been developing his indoor coaching skills, with a particular focus on the physical and mental challenges undergone through climbing.

“Living dangerously…as safely as possible.”

Development Coach Trained, FUNdamentals of Climbing 1, CWDI Training, CWI and RCI.

Climbing since 2008.


Steph McIntosh

Small but mighty, Steph is not only a gym climber, but a mountain girl at heart. When she’s not climbing at the gym, she is out adventuring, and scrambling in the mountains. As an outdoor instructor Steph not only coaches climbing, but she is also an experienced water sports, and ski coach too. Steph enjoys all disciplines of climbing, but she especially enjoys swinging around on a rope at some of her go to crags! When in the gym you can often find her offering beta, or providing everyone with her sassy banter. Steph is looking forward to assisting others on their journey in the sport!

Development Coach Trained and FUNdamentals of Climbing 1, 2 & 3.

Climbing since 2018.

Steph Focussed on Dry Tooling
Ally Active Reverse Flag

Ally Meyerhoff

‘Tall, dark and with an unusual accent’

From his personal experience Ally knows how much climbing can benefit people. Through climbing Ally was able to improve his physical fitness, as well as getting a handle on his irrational fear of heights. Ally’s prime motivations for becoming a coach are to help other people reap the rewards of climbing and to continue improving his own climbing skills as well.

FUNdamentals of Climbing 1, 2 and 3, Development Coach Trained and CWI Trained.

Climbing since 2013.


Becca Stringfellow

Becca has been climbing since 2018 and quickly found her love for the sport, focusing on bouldering indoors and outside. Becca always brings a bucket load of psyche and joy to any session! As well as coaching Becca is also a member of the routesetting team here at Hang On. Along with inside knowledge of the Beta, Becca is full of handy tips and advice to get people up their projects! Often found behind reception or on the mats chatting to people, Becca also runs the Women’s Social Night.

FUNdamentals of Climbing 1, 2 & 3 and Development Coach trained.

Becca Warming Up
Calum Brown Climbing Hard

Calum Brown

Calum is a Mountain Training qualified Climbing Wall Development Instructor.  Working in both roped and bouldering gyms, he coaches people in both beginner and improver climbing.

Calum’s love for climbing began when he was working in hospitality and needed an place to decompress. This lead to him loving bouldering so much, he left his job and got qualified as an instructor. Since then, he lives and breathes climbing!  Travelling to Europe to get his outdoors climbing fix and bouldering his way around the UK.  He doesn’t seem to know what “rest days” are…

Foundation Coach Trained, Fundamentals of Climbing 1, CWI, CWIA, and CWDI Assessed.

Climbing since 2016